What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is the smart way to resolve disputes when negotiation or informal conferences have not have been able to come to a resolution.  It is also the logical next step following a mediation where not all the issues were agreed upon.

Arbitration is a dispute resolution process that is similar to a mini trial in Court, where people in conflict agree to refer the final decision to a mutually respected independent third party – the Arbitrator.

At SHAW Arbitration, our Arbitrators are legally qualified to be experts in their jurisdiction. You can be confident that they will make the best decision they consider just and fair in the circumstances of your case on the evidence you present and provide to them based on the law.

Arbitration takes place in private without the public or the media to witness or hear the evidence given to the Arbitrator.  It can be fast and only take three weeks to six months to resolve all issues, depending on the nature of the dispute and the number of participants involved.

From start to finish, Arbitration is conducted with procedural fairness and natural justice, with or without the laws of evidence applying. That’s up to you.

Whether or not the decision is in your favour, the decision is made independently and quickly, allowing you to move on.

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Alison Shaw of SHAW Mediation successfully mediated a contract and building works dispute for one of our clients.  I found the mediation to be useful in requiring the disputing parties to be in one place at one time, allowing each side to express their position (and even vent their frustrations) whilst being kept in line by an experienced mediator. It was by no means certain to me beforehand that the matter would resolve at the mediation, but Alison’s guidance and systematic approach facilitated a commercial settlement.  I am confident the parties would not have reached a better outcome if they had gone to court.  I rate highly the mediation process used by Alison Shaw in this matter, and would recommend her to other clients considering mediation in the future.

Matthew Hawke

Cowell Clarke