Let’s Talk Subscriptions

Suitable for any large organization or business, community group or government body that deals with disputes regularly.

  • Individual with the organisation
  • The organisation and individuals outside the organisation
  • The organisation and other businesses
  • The organisation and a government body

We are here to help organisations and businesses have quick and immediate access to independent dispute resolution services before they escalate and nip the problem in the bud while not losing down time of key staff including the HR Manager and productivity.

Type of Dispute:

  • Complaints from outside the organisation
  • Complaints from within the organisation
  • Workplace disputes within the organisation including bullying and harassment
  • Co-workers quarrels and squabbles
  • Performance Management
  • Contracts and EB Agreements
  • Return to work arrangements

Schedule of Fees:

1 x Half Day Mediation and 1 x 1.5 Hour Mediation per month Fee exGST $2,500

2 x Half Day Mediations and 2 x 1.5 Hour Mediations per month Fee exGST $6,000

1 x Full Day Mediation and 3 x Half Day Mediations per month Fee ex GST $12,000

Proposed fee inclusions:

  • All mediator time
  • Reading time
  • Individual private consultation sessions before joint session up to 1.5 hours each
  • Individual private sessions during mediation
  • Outcome document

Proposed fee exclusions:

  • Venue or facilities
  • Investigation or full report
  • Legal advice
  • Valuation and expert advice reports
  • Expert attendance costs
  • Travel and parking
  • Meals
  • Administrator services

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