Building a brand is no easy feat. You invest a lot of time, money and headspace into bringing your dream alive, but when disputes arise, you all of a sudden need to move your focus from working on the business to managing the conflict.

Having a dispute resolution plan puts processes in place before conflict arises, allowing you to kick straight into action and getting that dispute sorted as quickly as possible, saving time, money and bad press.

There are a number of benefits to having such a plan with early intervention being the best way forward:

1. Deal with the conflict quickly – the longer it goes on, the harsher the consequences can be

2. It’s convenient and time effective – you already know the plan, it just needs to be activated

3. Cost effective use of legal advice – you deal with it before it has to head to court and you use what you are paying for

4. Minimise downtime and loss of productivity – not only yours

5. Upholds your reputation – disputes will arise, but the way you deal with it makes all the difference

6. Avoids gossip and loss of morale – you can get it sorted fast, reducing your chance of gossip and negative viral attention within the business

7. Minimises stress – all parties have a process to follow, minimising stress

8. Preserves relationships – relationships are key, they need to be upheld in order for your business to grow

Achieve early resolution by effectively dealing with disputes quickly and efficiently. Learning from your mistakes together with your team and your customers can avoid much stress, loss of income, and remain future focused working on the business without major distraction and stress. Will you lawyer up and leave it to them? Are you up to the challenge of dispute resolution? What is your dispute resolution plan?

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